A new device to be discover, the receiver FPV USV 5.8 OTG RECEIVER .
Remember the recent article on EasyCAP which enabled to view the video stream of our receivers on a tablet or android smartphone.
If you do not remember, I invite you to read the article >>> here <<<
This bundle EasyCAP + 5.8GHz receiver + cable + Lipo works fine but is not easy to take off because it’s too heavy.
So I decided to look myself of a simpler solution, more embedded …
And finally, after much research and intensive excavations in the depths of the web, I found the GRAAL!
A device that connects via USB, very small, very light, capable of receiving the 5.8GHz band, using only a single cable and without battery.
Icing on the cake, it’s covers all video range, it has an OSD that displays the frequency and signal level and it has an integrated spectrum analyzer (such as CT580 I detailed before in Article here )
I hear you say … but … it’s a joke it does not exist !!!
Well, the result of this quest, here;
I present the USV 5.8 OTG Receiver (I do not know if it has another name, I have not been able to decipher inscriptions in Chinese)

I performs the …
Sent in his usual bubble envelope, the USV is well protected in a metal box on which a trabsparent plastic window lets see hardware.

On the front of the box are distinguished printing with the logo and inscriptions in Chinese. 
Who have not yet learned to decipher the Chinese, it is assumed that it is the mark: p

In the box we find a 5.8GHz antenna types baton, a micro usb cable to Micro USB OTG for connecting on a android device (IOS I do not know because I do not have Iceberg brand) and well protected by foam receiver which surrounds it. 
A small yellow cap on the receiver antenna connector is not damaging.

Nothing more … a little explanatory note in English would have been a must!
owner of the Tour
The receiver is about 6cm long (upper connector at the base) to about 3cm wide.

It is about 7.5 mm thick. 
There’s no denying it’s a great compact system. 
Note that the bulk of the measured thickness is caused by the antenna connector.

A weighing, including the antenna, the system weighs only 21g.

To give you an idea, it is not larger than a standard AA battery.

The connection to the antenna type RP-SMA.

OTG cable micro usb to micro usb is provided for connection to our smartphones / tablets.

Please note that to use on a PC (yes, it works too) you have to use a USB type A to Micro USB cable (such as those used everywhere and for all .. eg smartphone charger).
On PC, you can use the famous VLC (free) program to retrieve the video stream and use it in various ways (save, screenshot, …). 
Currently I have only tested under Windows 10 x64 and it works perfectly! (so I am confident that the other versions or past it also works).
Since the receiver has no explanatory note, I have to go to grope (but not with Julie). 
I connected the device to my test tablet using the micro USB cable / micro usb provided and have launched FPViewer. 
Directly the device has been recognized as “USB 2.0 PC CAMERA (ARKMICRO)” and I was viewing my video feed.

CAUTION the Garden facilities OTG cable with the receiver has a way of connection!
The connector with the arrow drawn on it plugs the receiver side.

The connector with the USB symbol drawn on it plugs next smartphone / tablet.

Under the plastic layer that envelops the electronics, there is a small button that allows changing frequency.

Pressing it we change frequency by 2 MHz. 
The covered frequency band extends from 5645MHz to 5945MHz or 300MHz, which is more than enough to cover the 40 standard channels. 
The frequency on which it is located, and the signal level (RSSI) are displayed by OSD on the screen.

It’s good but it’s slow suddenly find his frequency, we know especially forward but not backward. 
So I asked what would happen if I stayed down on it? 
And then … boom magic device begins to scan his entire band showing the passage spectral analysis. 
Once the scan is complete, it is wedged on the signal received most powerful on the tape. 
WAW! Impressive 
FYI, perform a full scan of the tape takes about 18 seconds.

After a few minutes of use is noted that the heating device still okay. 
Measured at 32 ° C average with a peak at 43 ° C on some places after 10 minutes of operation (measured at an ambient temperature of 20 ° C)